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Zeroran 3:highest version in the world!

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Zeroran 3:highest version in the world! Empty Zeroran 3:highest version in the world!

Post by guanyu on Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:38 am

Highlights of Zeroran 3
1. The latest and highest version among all ran private servers in Phillipines. same version as Korean official
2. sit function. Find a quiet place to romance with your lover toghther.
3. Latest weapons and armors, new maps, new skills
4. At 8:00PM-9:00PM every Wednesday and Saturday, CW event. The winning guild can get a eroom box in which there are many
Yuan. You can exchange Yuan for EPs at website.
5. Every Friday and Sunday, in ARENA map Suryun event automatically starts at 8:00PM which will last a few hours.
6. pet transform card which can make your pet transform. For example, if your current pet is heavenly dog, after
transformation, it can become Flurry bear or other pet. Many novel pet clothes!
7. All skills are free. After create a character, the character can learn 80% skills. You can get other skills from mobs or
boss. Also you can get many high-level weapons and armors from mobs. Enjoy hunting.
8. Newbie hunts small mobs and can get cool newbie weapons
9. newly added kinds of Luonuosi weapons
10. Online Earn EPs: 1 hour earns 2eps in two weeks after zeroran is open formally. After two weeks, 1 hour earns 1 ep.
11. Affordable EP weapon and armor.

The information above is absolutely true. We never exaggerate our advertising. Zeroran has opened two servers for close to
two year and has gotten many players' trust and support. Henceforth, zeroran team will provide more joyful game experience
and quality service for players. Hope more players can support zeroran!
website: www3.zeroran.com
forum: bbs3.zeroran.com


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