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im back,,, ill be watching you guys!!

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im back,,, ill be watching you guys!! Empty im back,,, ill be watching you guys!!

Post by killahyumi on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:25 pm

DOs and DONTs in the Forums:

These rules MUST be followed while in this forums.

1.Do speak in ENGLISH.

2.Do respect & be nice to all people.

3.Do nice topic name.

4.Do Post Topic on the right Thread.

5.Do read before Posting.

6.Don't Hacking.

7.Don't Spamming.

8.Don't use Bad Words.

9.Don't post a topic that is already discussed.

10.Don't Double Post.

11.Don't posting of other server.

12.Don't Post non-sense.

13.Don't beg to be a GM.

Minimum of 1 day and maximum of 7 days
Permanent ban

We hope you'll folow these guidelines while in this forum.
Enjoy the forum.

just follow the rule that admin kani implemented to avoid chatblock and the worst character bann....
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AU.RAN GAMER Hardcore Newbie

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im back,,, ill be watching you guys!! Empty Re: im back,,, ill be watching you guys!!

Post by [FM] viprhanne on Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:07 pm

me either.^^ lol!
[FM] viprhanne
[FM] viprhanne
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AU.RAN Forumer

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